The crust is a vital ingredient of any pizza.

    It gives the crust its crispness and holds it together.

    But the dough is made with water, which is usually sourced from a cow.

    This makes it tricky to transport the dough around, and it can also make it difficult to store the dough.

    The crusts of some pizzas are even made from ground up cheese, a process that makes it difficult for the cheese to break down and form a crust that’s strong enough to hold the pizza together.

    Pizza is a popular food in the United States, and many people believe that cheese is the perfect ingredient to recreate this cheesy crust.

    But a study published in the British Journal of Food Science, published on September 3, 2016, says that there’s actually a very large amount of cheese in pizza crust.

    Scientists at the University of Bristol analyzed the microbiomes of 16 different types of cheese, and the team found that the average cheese had about 8 percent bacteria, or the amount of bacteria that can be found in the mouth of a human.

    That means that the cheese in most pizzas could easily contain up to 100 percent cheese, if not more.

    It’s been a long time coming, but pizza crust is finally getting better at its ability to hold together, according to the study.

    The researchers say the new findings are important because of the many people who still have a hard time holding a pizza together, and this could lead to new approaches for making cheese pizza crust, according the Associated Press.

    While cheese has been around for thousands of years, it was only in the late 19th century that people started using it for baking, and cheese has since been used in a variety of foods, including pies, ice cream, and ice cream drinks.

    The new study is part of a broader study looking at the health effects of cheese on the human body.

    Scientists are currently testing the safety of various types of dairy products, including milk, cheese, yogurt, and cream, according CNN.

    Source: Getty Images


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