Google defines “repast” as “lavish” and uses “swagger” in its image.

    The company’s image is used in the description of its answer, which appears in a Google search bar on a Google+ page.

    Google+ posts a list of answers to questions about its services on its site, and the answer in the Google+ post is the answer to the question “What is repast?”

    It reads: “Repast is a word we use in Google+ to describe our daily routine, the routine of what we do, what we like and what we are doing to prepare for the day ahead.”

    Google’s answer, published on July 10, 2018, includes the word “swag” in the definition.

    Google says the word comes from the word swagger, which is “a person’s confidence in themselves.”

    Google says it defines “swagging” as: “having confidence in yourself.”

    The answer goes on to explain: “As we live in an age where we need to look good, we don’t always need to worry about who is wearing a tuxedo or having a good time.

    We also don’t need to be constantly striving for perfection in our appearance, as we are often judged by our appearance in the eyes of others.”

    Google uses the phrase “swagged” as a word in a caption of the answer.

    Google’s image for the answer is the word from the answer, the word in the caption, and a link to Google+ where it reads:”This is a picture of me and my friends.

    I am wearing a red shirt, a blue sweater, and black jeans.



    You swag.”

    Google+’s answer also includes the phrase in a section labeled “swiggity”: “I’m swagged for my ability to smile.”

    The Google+ answer also mentions the word: “A swaggy picture is a good one.”

    The word “dapper” is used on the page’s description of the image.

    It says: “Google is not a dapper person.

    They are dapper.



    Google defines “dapsy” as being “a self-confident person who has a good sense of humor.”

    Google also uses the term “swiggy” to describe a person who is “crazed about swag” or who “glorifies swag”.

    Google defines swagger as “the sense of power and confidence that comes from confidence.”

    The description of Google’s answer to a question on Google+ says:Google+ is the most popular social network on the web.

    Google uses Google+ and its own products and services to connect people in search and with other people, to share ideas, and to communicate with each other.

    It has more than 17.5 billion monthly active users, according to Google’s own statistics.

    Google has said that it does not use or endorse any third-party products, services, or images.


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