Sport Italia article Caglia’s fans are in mourning after a game at Juventus was cancelled due to poor weather conditions.

    The Bianconeri lost 5-1 to Udinese on Saturday, and while the match had already been rescheduled for Tuesday, a rain delay was the final straw for the crowd, with the atmosphere turning into a chaotic and emotional affair.

    “We were so shocked, to say the least,” one fan told Radio Marche.

    “It was a horrible sight to see, and the atmosphere was very tense.

    It was really difficult to feel that a match could go on without a stoppage.

    We had to stand and watch the players get injured.”

    Juventus have already lost three players to injuries since the World Cup, including Fabrizio Sarri and Mario Mandzukic, while Caglio fans have even been vocal in their protest.

    “This is a huge blow to us, and it’s not just a Caglio-related incident,” another fan told Il Messaggero.

    “There are many other things that are going on, such as the transfer of the Giallorossi to AC Milan.

    It’s very sad for all the players.

    This is just the worst thing for the club, especially in the middle of a World Cup.”

    While the incident has put the team under immense pressure, Caglais fans have made their feelings clear, with many tweeting their support for the team.

    “It’s sad, but not surprising,” another tweet read.

    “We have seen many footballers go through terrible situations at times, and this is something that’s just never happened before.”


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