Furong Repast beat Mizzen Mast Repast by a score of 4-3 in a best-of-three championship match on Sunday, and the team won the championship after defeating MizZen Mast Repas 2-1 in the final.

    The game was tied 1-1 midway through the second period, when Furong beat MZR Repas by a goal with 4:41 remaining.

    However, the final score was 2-2 after a second period goal by Furong’s Jonathan Kostalek.

    Furong had two power-play opportunities to tie the game 1-all but Kostaltsek put the puck past a stunned MZL Repas goalie.

    The final tally was a 1-0 lead for MZZ Repas after Furong tied the game at one after a power play goal by Kostalyek.

    The second period scoreless tie ended when MZS Repas scored their first goal of the game to cut the lead to 2-all with 5:48 remaining in the period.

    The game was not called on a penalty.

    Mizzen Repas went on a four-game win streak from May 20 to June 4, going 5-0-1.

    MZ Repast went on two straight wins from July 1 to August 8.MZZ Reps coach Michael Tresco said the win was important to both the team and the fans.

    “They were just in a good groove,” he said.

    “We had to play our game and we played a lot of our game.

    We just kept grinding and grinding and playing a lot better.

    We knew that we had to keep going and win this game.”

    The MZN Repas lost four of their last five games, but beat MIZ Repas in the semifinals in 2012.


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