A funeral home in New York has decorated its walls with festive holiday decorations.

    The decorations are all designed to look like the deceased’s belongings.

    The decorations were created by the funeral home’s decorator, who has also designed the home’s walls with Christmas and Hanukkah decorations.

    The decorating process for the decorations was originally done for the cremation, but the owner of the funeral homes said that she decided to take the process to a whole new level and make the decorations festive.

    The funeral home has already decorated the walls with a holiday tree that has been set up on the main hall, the kitchen, and the dining room.

    The dining room also features a table and chairs that feature a Christmas tree.

    The new decorations also include the Christmas tree on the ceiling, the Christmas star on the top of the fireplace, and a Christmas candle on the mantelpiece.

    In addition to the Christmas decorations, the funeral house’s kitchen also features an ice cream machine.

    The owners of the restaurant also decorated the dining hall and decorated the outside of the house with festive decorations.

    Some of the decorations were made by hand, while others were made with a laser cutter.

    The decorators said that they used only a few different types of materials, and that it took about 10 hours to decorate the house.

    A funeral home employee told ABC News that they wanted to create something that they could display at their home and that they are very proud of their efforts.

    “We wanted to show our appreciation to the community for all of the support they have shown us during this time of mourning,” the funeral director, Michelle Mancini, said.

    Mancini said that the decorations also reflect the time that the family had lost.

    “I think the decorations will remind us that we’re all still together,” she said.


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