Repast Supply company CEO Josh Manners talks about how to cook barbecue at home without using a grill.

    Repast is the brand of food manufacturer owned by Kraft Foods, which has been one of the largest players in the U.S. barbecue industry.

    But Manners said that the company has moved away from using traditional gas-powered barbecue grills and instead is focusing on electric barbecue grilling systems.

    Repasts first barbecue grill was developed by the company’s New Jersey factory in 2014.

    The company has sold thousands of these electric barbecue cookers to retailers nationwide and is now working on making its own models.

    Manners says the company is also planning to launch an electric model of the grill for retail and restaurants later this year.

    The electric barbecue system can be purchased in the $1,000 range, and can cook multiple steaks and burgers at once.

    Mentsons company also makes other electric barbecue systems like the H2B and H2C models.

    These units can cook a variety of meats, including turkey, pork and beef, as well as veal, lamb and seafood.

    Mews says the electric grill makes cooking simpler and is ideal for a family or group gathering for BBQ.

    “I think it really has made the BBQ cooking experience more personal, more personalizing,” he said.


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