In a recent interview with Consumerist, The Food Network’s Rachel Nichols explained why it’s so exciting to be cooking with these new foods.

    She explains:I think it’s really exciting for us to see that there are new brands popping up that are making it easier for us as food lovers to make the food we love that we love.

    So, you know, if you’re like, “Okay, I’m gonna cook a little bit of this,” or if you wanna make a little extra protein with some of these new recipes, you’re not going to be disappointed.

    That’s really our goal.

    When we launch a new recipe, we know that we’re going to deliver a food that’s really delicious, and then we’ll also be launching a bunch of new brands that have a really good reputation.

    So it’s a really exciting time.

    I love that Rachel has so much enthusiasm for food.

    She’s not afraid to call out brands that aren’t doing it right, and she really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to the food industry.

    She says,We think that there’s a huge opportunity for the food and beverage industry.

    There’s no question about it.

    And I think it will be a huge asset to us and our brand and the brands that we’ve partnered with.

    I think we’re looking forward to working with them.

    We want to give people a really great experience, which means we’re working really hard to make sure that every aspect of our brand is very transparent and transparent to the public.

    That means we make sure we’re talking about the ingredients that we use, we’re giving all of our suppliers and retailers information on our food, and we’re also transparent about the testing and testing and feeding and feeding of animals.

    We’re going out of our way to be transparent with the public as well.

    I’m really excited that Rachel and her team are excited to work with us.

    I don’t think it takes a genius to see how this could be huge for food and drink.


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