On the 25 th anniversary of Bon Repas, I have been working with people in the US and in India to make sure we get more women into leadership positions. 

    As I have worked with Indian women, I know that our success depends on our commitment to gender equality and to working for real change. 

    The first thing I wanted to say to you is that Bon Repa has not been easy. 

    I want you to know that you are not alone. 

    We are a small group of women who have had a difficult time. 

    Our story has taken a long road. 

    But now we have a real plan and we are ready to work with others to achieve real change and to build a movement that leads to real change in India. 

    In this blog post, I want to share our story, our challenges and the lessons we have learned along the way. 

    Bon Repa was born out of a desire to create a feminist movement. 

    What we wanted to do was create a platform that would empower women and empower them to speak out. 

    That meant we would work together to create campaigns to promote gender equality, empowering women to take a stand, to stand up for their rights, to fight for their interests. 

    At the same time, we wanted a movement where people would come to know each other, share ideas and share experiences. 

    So we created a women’s media campaign that is part of our Women’s Media initiative. 

    Women and men from all walks of life, in all walks and sizes, have been a part of this campaign. 

    On the one hand, we have been challenged by many obstacles. 

    This has been a difficult journey. 

    There has been many struggles that we have gone through. 

    It has been challenging for many people. 

    Some of the challenges were difficult because the women who we spoke to did not believe that we would ever be able to reach this goal. 

    Many of us had been struggling with what was going on. 

    Others had not been able to get in touch with their loved ones. 

    All of us felt like we had no support. 

    And we had all the right support.

    We have had support from the media. 

    From TV shows like The Big Bang Theory, the music industry and even some NGOs. 

    Through the help of the people who have helped us, we are now reaching millions of people through the media campaign and through the Women’s Forum, which is run by our friends and the community in Delhi. 

    A lot of people from different walks of the world have been on the journey and we have seen the amazing support we have received from people all over the world. 

    With this support, we started a women-centric campaign called Bon Repast. 

    Since then, we’ve worked on our campaigns and we’re excited to start another campaign. 

     What do you want to see happen? 

    If you want us to succeed, then we need to continue our work and build a grassroots movement. 

     How can we get people involved? 

    The main thing that we need people to do is to take action. 

    You can find more information about how you can take part in this campaign by visiting our Women-Centered Bon Repasts website. 

    If we can reach our target, we can get more people involved. 

    Do you think you can help? 

    We need you to be a part and we need you all to join us. 

    Don’t forget to join our Facebook page, Twitter and Twitter Messenger to stay up to date on the Bon Repasta campaign and to get involved. 

     Are you interested in joining the Bon Reptas campaign? 


    Join our Facebook group and sign up to get the word out and to join the Women-Led Bon Repases movement.


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