The Dishonored franchise is not dead, according to EA Sports’ Senior Director of Brand Marketing, Kevin Plank.

    “We’re not done with the franchise, and it’s not just because the game is getting cancelled,” Plank told IGN in an interview.

    “Dishontor is just the tip of the iceberg.

    We have an incredibly diverse portfolio of brands, so it’s hard to do anything else.

    I mean, we’re very proud of what we do and what we’re doing right now, but the future is exciting.”

    The franchise, which is set in a post-apocalyptic world after the events of the first game, has seen its reputation tarnished in recent months, with critics pointing to some questionable elements in the game and a lack of any major DLC.

    The latest trailer for the game shows an unnamed female assassin killing a male character for the first time in the series.

    However, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson insisted that “everything we did to make the game great was done with Dishonoration 2 in mind,” adding that the team has no intention of changing anything with the sequel.

    “You want to talk about the future of the franchise?

    We’re going to make a sequel.”

    The new trailer for Dishonoring 2 has a lot of references to previous games in the franchise.

    Here, a man is holding a torch that resembles a torch in a black suit with a black hood.

    The man is also holding a sword in a blue suit, as in the first Dishonory game.

    In the trailer, the man is wearing a mask that resembles that of one of the characters in the Dishonors original game. 

    There are also multiple references to the original game, which featured a similar story to that of the new one.

    “In the first movie, you are a thief, and in the sequel, you’re a thief with a sword,” Planks said.

    “So, yeah, the story will be different.”

    The trailer also shows the opening of the second chapter of the story.

    In it, the main character, Elizabeth, is captured by an unknown party.

    Elizabeth is taken to a safe house, where she is taken back to a room where a sword is held by a male figure.

    The sword is revealed to be the same one used in the original film. 

    In the trailer for The Dish on Dishonore, a woman wearing a black mask and holding a dagger holds a knife in a fight with a man. 

    Another woman is holding two swords in a combat scene.

    “There are more than a few things we want to change about the game, but these are just a few of the things we’re working on,” Plinks said. 

    Plank also said that he believes that the game will be “more diverse” than the original Dishonoric, which had a more white-dominated cast of villains and characters.

    The first game featured a female protagonist named Catherine, while the second game was a white male named Alexus, who was voiced by an actor of color.

    “I think that we have a lot more diversity in the world of Dishonoria than we did in the previous game,” Plans said.

    In his interview, Plank said that the studio has “a lot of ambition” for the future, but that he expects the game to be “better” than Dishonores original release.

    “It’s not the same story.

    It’s more diverse in some ways.

    We don’t want to just go back to that, but we’re still going to be making a good game, and I don’t know if we’ll be able to deliver the same quality in Dishonora 2 that we did with the original.”


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