It’s an app you want to share photos and videos with friends, so it’s only natural that it would be one of the most popular in the world.

    Now it has a new app, Snap Stories, that lets you do just that.

    Snapchat Stories is available in the U.S. and Canada, with an international rollout planned.

    It lets you send and share photos, videos, and even videos from your phone to other users of Snapchat.

    That’s pretty awesome, but the biggest feature is the ability to tag your content with other users’ photos, comments, and videos.

    For example, a friend could tag a photo of a wedding with their Instagram post.

    With Snap Stories you can tag a caption with their photo, or you can create a tag for a photo, and then send that tag to your friends.

    That way, you’ll get a message that reads, “Tag me as you want,” and they can tag their photos and other content with it, too.

    You can also tag a video with another user’s photo, which is really neat.

    For instance, if you have a photo and a comment that both say, “Snapchat is going to be the first app to let you send private photos of your family, you should try it right now,” you can send the photo to your kids and tell them to tag it in.

    It’s a pretty powerful way to let people know you have their back.

    You could tag them with a photo from a friend’s phone and then tell them, “I don’t want to use Instagram anymore, because I can do better than this.

    I want to tag this photo to my wife.”

    It’s also super convenient to use.

    You just have to tap a tag on a photo or video, and you can save it for later.

    That means you can keep that photo, edit it, tag it, and send it to someone else.

    This works even if you’ve already tagged the photo, so you can still share it with someone else if you want.

    The app also includes a way to “tag your friends,” which lets you share a caption for a post with a friend, too, and share the image or video to their friends, too—as long as they’re using Snap Stories.

    For those of you who like sharing photos and content to the web, Snap Ads is also now available in Snapchat Stories.

    This feature lets you create a custom tag for your photo or photo-tagged video that shows the user’s name, a link to the Instagram app, a picture, and your name.

    It works just like the tag feature for Instagram, and lets you tag the person or people you want in a caption.

    It also lets you add text to your tag to add context, such as, “Oh, that’s so cool!

    I think my husband and his family would love to tag me too!”

    Or, you could tag someone else’s photo and say, you just got a text message from them saying, “My friends are all sharing this amazing photo of you!”

    Snap Ads in Snapchat lets you also send a link from your camera to a photo.

    For the purposes of this post, you can’t send the link directly to the person who has tagged the content.

    Instead, you have to use a link that points to Instagram.

    When you click the link, Snap adds the Instagram link, along with a link so the person has a way of finding the content if they’re looking for it.

    The only way to get a direct link to your content is to add an Instagram link to a Snap story, but that’s a hassle if you’re not a frequent Snap user.

    Snapchat has also launched a new video feature, called “Snap Stories in Action,” which shows you how your Snap Stories could be used in the real world.

    In this feature, you get to watch videos from the Snapchat app, which you can use to share the content of your Snapchat Stories with others.

    If you watch a video, the app will show you a caption that says, “You can send a Snap Story to the people you follow on Instagram, so they can follow your Snap Story.”

    That caption will say, if your Snap story goes viral, you will be rewarded with a Snap Stories card.

    You get a card that lets your friends follow your video and maybe even follow you on Snapchat.

    You’ll be able to choose to get rewards like Snap credit for following someone and maybe receiving more Snap Stories in return.

    Snapchat also added a new feature that lets users share videos and photos directly from their phone or tablet, without the need for an app like Instagram.

    That feature is called Snap Stories on iOS.

    In the app, you select a photo you want your Snapchat Story to look like, and it shows you a snap tag that shows you the caption and name of the photo you choose.

    In order to share your Snapchat story, you need to select the Snap Stories option in the app and select “Snap Story.”

    You can then


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