The art world is full of stories of incredible, seemingly-mundane, but utterly gorgeous images.

    But what does it take to create a wall of your own with an amazing photo series?

    We’ve found that the best Instagram photo series are ones that take the art world by storm, and in the case of some of them, a viral phenomenon.

    That’s what happened to our Instagram team at Repast Seattle and Repast East, who created a wall that went viral within a few weeks.

    The Instagram photo collection we’re highlighting in this article was created by Seattle-based photographer and painter Matt Furlan.

    The series featured his collaboration with Seattle artist and designer Pauline Pérez.

    Furlen shared a few of his photos with us and asked us to share his inspiration behind his series, the inspiration behind the artwork, and his process for creating a series of artworks.

    Furlan told us:The idea behind my Instagram series was to have a bunch of people in Seattle, all in one place, and to create some kind of a public art project.

    I wanted people to come in and be inspired by the work, but I also wanted people, especially young artists, to be able to find something to do that they haven’t done in a long time.

    This series of photos was meant to be a showcase of some great work by Pauline.

    She’s such an inspiration for me.

    I think I’ve been trying to create something with her that people have never seen before, but they are really inspiring.

    The artwork and the story behind it was the key to the series.

    The story is about an artist who is a part of a larger movement.

    She goes through a transition and the artist comes to understand who she is and what she wants to achieve.

    The artwork is all made by Matt Frelan.

    Matt is an artist and photographer based in Seattle.

    The photo series is inspired by his time spent working with Pauline and Pauline herself.

    Pauline’s artwork is so unique that she has been known to draw her own versions of her artworks, which are all inspired by her own personal style.

    Frelann told us the artwork is based on the same style that she draws and it’s been quite a collaborative process.

    He explained:The story behind the artworks is about a relationship that we had as kids.

    I’ve always had a passion for the city, and I’ve worked for a long period of time in the city.

    The first photo series I did was for my first album and I thought that would be a really cool way to connect with the people in the community.

    The second photo series, and this one is for a friend of mine who lives in Seattle now, I thought was really interesting and different.

    Paulines artwork has always been about the journey and what happens when you reach the place you want to.

    I’m always inspired by that, and the way Pauline makes art is such an inspiring thing to me.

    The images in the series are made by the same artist.

    They are all different from one another.

    There’s one where she’s painting her own work, and there’s another one where I’m working with another artist.

    Paul has created a bunch different types of art, but this one, the art is inspired, so it’s inspired by my own art.

    It was Pauline who inspired me to create the series with her.

    She has a strong sense of style, which I think is very inspiring, and she really wanted people in my community to connect to each other.

    The whole thing was based around a conversation she had with someone.

    She said:It was a really difficult project for me to get people to connect.

    It was hard to make it work.

    I was really frustrated because I was trying to go into this project with the idea that it was a one-off, but it’s really not that.

    I have a lot of experience in creating a lot more artworks and I knew that I wanted to work on a project that I felt like I could have a long lasting impact.

    I feel like it’s such a powerful experience to create artworks that you can share and that people can relate to, and also have a lasting impact on people’s lives.

    Frelan told the Huffington Post:I think what people find most interesting about art is the feeling of connection it gives.

    It’s a very emotional thing, but there’s also a physical feeling that goes along with it.

    I just wanted people who wanted to connect in some way to feel like they could, and that they could make it happen.

    The series was created in a matter of hours and people were blown away by the quality of the artwork.

    Frullo shared his thoughts:When I was asked by Paul to create this series, I was thinking about the same type of thing that I do in my photography.

    The artist is


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