A new Islamic tradition has taken off in Dublin with the funeral of an elderly Muslim in his 80s.

    In one of the largest burials in the city’s history, a funeral is held at St Michael’s Church at the centre of the city centre.

    A large crowd gathers to watch the funeral.

    It is believed the funeral will be attended by up to 100 people.

    Relatives of the deceased sit in a circle around the coffin of a Muslim, who is buried in St Michael St Joseph’s cemetery in Dublin.

    Religious ceremonies have become a common occurrence in the Irish capital, with Muslims in particular taking a special interest in this week’s funeral.

    The funeral will take place on Saturday evening, and attendees will be allowed to view the body from inside the church, according to Irish Times.

    There are two main rituals to be followed, according the Islamic Council of Ireland (ICI).

    The first involves an intercession of the Imam.

    He will recite verses from the Koran, the Quran and the Hadith, the writings of the Prophet Muhammad, before offering a prayer.

    The Imam then leads the congregation to a nearby burial site.

    The second, is called the “repast”.

    This involves a procession through the city streets, followed by the burial, the burial is followed by a traditional meal, according ICI.


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