The repast has become an annual event in some parts of Europe and the United States, and in France it’s traditionally celebrated with a banquet, and then a mizzy dance.

    But in the United Kingdom, it’s less a dinner and more a celebration of the dead.

    For many years, the French and British repast funerals were just that: formal occasions to welcome the departed, or just to celebrate.

    But now, it also is a chance to celebrate the lives of those who have passed, or those who will one day return.

    As a celebration, the repast is a great way to commemorate those who are gone and celebrate the memories of those we miss.

    It’s also a way to connect to others who are still living.

    This is why repasts are so much more than just an occasion to make a meal or celebrate a meal.

    It is also a time for people to celebrate who they are.

    This can include the family members of the deceased, or even their loved ones, to come together and celebrate what was meant to be shared.

    The repasts can also be a chance for people who have lost loved ones to take a moment to say hello, hug, and just to be with one another.

    The day of repasts is celebrated on the last Saturday of Lent, but the celebration is a special one for those of us who are Catholics.

    It includes a special Mass of thanksgiving and thanksgiving bread, with a feast of bread and wine.

    This Mass is the same Mass celebrated by St. Thomas Aquinas, which is celebrated in honor of the departed.

    As Pope Francis said at the commemoration of the repasts in June, the event is a way for us to honor the deceased and to give thanks for what they have given to us, for their joy, for the beauty they brought to our lives, and for their presence in our homes and the community.

    This celebration is also celebrated during Lent, and the day of the funeral is the only day of Lent for most people.

    The next time you have time to sit in silence, pray and reflect on the life you and your loved ones have shared, take a deep breath and ask yourself, What was meant by this repast?

    In this way, the celebration of this special day can be a way of remembering those who you are not alone.

    You can also help make repasts more special for everyone who lives and works in our communities.

    Read more about repasts, and visit the Repasts of the World website for more information. 

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