The Republican Party has always been a party of special interests and lobbyists, but the recent scandal over its efforts to “compete” with a state of Florida over a ballot initiative to ban fracking is proof that it is no longer the party of the people.

    This is because the GOP has become a party that is beholden to the wealthy, and its political actions are designed to help and protect them.

    It has become an entity that has been bought and paid for by powerful interests and powerful lobbyists, including a billionaire donor who owns an oil and gas company that operates in the Marcellus Shale.

    This has created a situation where the GOP can now have a strong majority in the House and Senate, but is unable to pass anything that actually represents the interests of working Americans and the interests, or even the interests and needs of the Republican base, as evidenced by the fact that the Republicans have failed to pass any meaningful legislation in the last four years.

    And while there are a few things that can be done to get the party to stop treating working Americans like the enemy, it’s important to remember that they have always been treated like the enemies.

    They have always represented the interests that corporations and special interests have always bought and sold.

    And if you want to truly get to the heart of the problem, you have to understand why the GOP is so dysfunctional and why it’s become such a monster.

    The party has become more and more beholden, and the power of the rich has increased.

    That is because there are more people who are getting wealth from their wealth and not working hard enough, and because of the growth in the number of corporations, hedge funds and private equity firms, the GOP no longer represents working Americans.

    And the party is also losing its ability to compete.

    While the Republican Party is the party that will continue to hold power for the next four years, it will lose the ability to govern if it doesn’t fundamentally change its agenda.

    This, of course, is precisely why it is necessary to change the name of the party and start focusing on what is truly important: Making America Great Again.

    It’s not just about Trump or the Republicans.

    It is about the party’s priorities, its priorities for our country, and that is working for working people.

    It may be tempting to blame the Democratic Party for this, but it’s the Republican establishment that is the real problem.

    The GOP has been run by corporate interests for decades, and has a long history of being dominated by a small number of billionaires.

    That’s why the Republican party has always taken corporate donations and has always had the largest donor list.

    It also has always prioritized the interests (and votes) of powerful interests, and even in the midst of a recession, the Republican’s focus on the wealthy has continued.

    This led to the party taking the wrong approach to the Great Recession and the Great Depression.

    But that’s the reality that we are facing now.

    If you want an idea of how far this GOP has fallen, look no further than the party leadership.

    They failed the working people of this country by ignoring them, and then they were unwilling to listen to their own voters.

    They were unwilling, for example, to acknowledge that the financial crisis was a result of Wall Street’s greed, and failed to call for the establishment of a “revolving door” to attract Wall Street talent.

    It was a decision that many Republicans now say was a mistake.

    But for the party leaders, it was a victory because they were able to make a big political buck by ignoring their own people.

    They can’t win elections if they are not working class.

    It will be hard to get back to the leadership that worked so hard to bring down the party during the Great Crash of 1929.

    The Republicans are not going to get to rebuild the party by taking their own working class base out of the voting booth.

    They are going to need to do it by working with the working class, and they are going be forced to do that if they want to get things done.


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