Posted November 30, 2018 12:08:06A female chef who has become a household name after appearing on The Simpsons has been told she will not be on the New Zealand menu this year after being criticised for a “flaming” dish.

    Sally Dyer, who also appeared in The Simpsons and Cheers, has been criticised for an appetiser dish at the Australian Outback Restaurant in Brisbane.

    It is not the first time she has been accused of using sexist language.

    In 2016, she was criticised for eating fish at a restaurant in New Zealand while wearing a skirt.

    She has apologised and said she does not think it was sexist, but has said she has not eaten in New Zeland since.

    Dyer’s comments drew condemnation on social media, with some saying she had crossed a line.

    “I think it’s important to keep the conversation about sexism, not just about Sally Dyer but all the chefs in Australia,” one person said.

    “You can’t do that when you have a female chef on the list.”

    Another said the comment was “not only sexist but also not appropriate”.

    “If she didn’t think it would offend, she wouldn’t have been on the food menu,” she said.

    Dyer, now 47, appeared on The Adventures of Pete & Pete as a young cook.

    The Simpsons, Cheers and The New Adventures of Old Nick feature her as the hostess and hostess, who are always portrayed as women.

    But she was a guest on a new Simpsons episode, “The Soup”, and on The New Simpsons episode “The Cook”.

    It is the first episode to feature a female hostess.

    Her Twitter account has since been deleted, and she has never appeared on a New Zealand show.



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