A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about the best wedding meal you could make for your loved one.

    Since then, our friend, wedding blogger and mom blogger Emily, has shared her favorite meal recipes.

    Here’s what she’s had to say about her favorite wedding meal, the Crossword lavish dinner.

    If you haven’t already, please check out Emily’s Wedding Day recipe post.

    Emily’s Favorite Wedding Meal Recipe Emily: “The best dinner for the groom is a big dinner.

    It needs to be big and heavy.

    The best dinner, for the bride is a dinner that is light and fluffy.

    It’s a little bit like a cake, a little less cake.

    You’re not getting the cake on the table.

    You just have a bowl of pasta.

    I like a little lighter, fluffy, light meal.

    It has to be very simple and light.

    The cake is for the table and the guests have to eat it too.

    A wedding party that has a big party can have a big buffet of food.

    But the wedding party has to eat their way through a lot of it.

    You can’t just throw out the cake.”

    Emily: My favorite dinner for my husband and I was a big breakfast with eggs, toast, and bacon.

    It was very light, fluffy and light and easy.

    It had everything I wanted.

    The only thing I did different was I added a little egg to the toast.

    If we had to have a cake with a cake it would have to be something light, like a strawberry pie.

    It would be just as good with a strawberry cake.

    I’m glad I got a little extra egg to go along with the bacon and toast.

    I love that it was so light and it’s a breakfast for two.

    The eggs were all mine.

    It took about 20 minutes to get the eggs from the garden to the table, so I was pretty sure the eggs were ready when the ceremony was over.

    It just needed a little more time to get ready.

    It came out perfectly cooked and fresh.

    If there was a cake and buttercream on the breakfast plate, I’d probably skip the cake.

    Emily: I think a lot about the meal I’d serve for my own wedding.

    I think about what I’d like to serve for the reception, or what I might serve for a special occasion.

    For the wedding, I think we’d serve a steak and eggs and toast and a wine and dessert menu.

    We have to balance what’s a really good dinner for two, but also a good dinner that the guests can eat.

    The food needs to have good flavor and good texture, and not be heavy.

    We try to make a dinner for three, so that we can make the guests feel at home at the table instead of just sitting at the bar and talking to the chef.

    If the wedding is too big, the guests are too crowded.

    It might be a little too crowded to do dinner for four.

    For me, it was a little awkward to have two plates of pasta and one plate of meat and one of vegetables.

    I had to make that dish work for both of us.

    Emily would eat with the kids.

    We don’t have kids, so she’s still able to be the mom for the kids and she still has to work the front of the house.

    She’s still a little older than me and a little younger than her husband.

    So it’s still really important to her that she stays home, but at the same time she can help out at the front desk.

    I’ll be the only mom for our two kids, and we’ll be able to cook a lot more and serve a lot fewer guests.

    I just feel really good being home with the family and the kids on a regular basis.

    The kids will still have to do some work.

    But that’s what they’re here for, and that’s why we need them.

    I’ve found the best dinner is when you have a lot in the house and you’re not sitting there doing work.

    It feels good.

    You don’t get that much to eat, and you can still have fun and be with your family.

    It also gives the guests a break.

    Emily and her husband recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

    They celebrated their 40th wedding Anniversary last year.

    She was in her 20s at the time.

    And I was in my 20s, too.

    So they’ve both been married for a little over 40 years.

    The dinner they cooked for us was very good.

    The first couple of times we cooked it, we were like, “I’ve never had this much pasta before.”

    But then we found out that we could have a whole lot more pasta.

    So the kids really enjoyed it.

    Emily is a single mom of a small child, and the meal was good, but we couldn’t eat more than two portions.

    The couple of portions that we did have were enough to get us through the day. It gave


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