A “bitch planet” is a term used to describe the world of video games and anime, in which women are often depicted as being unattractive or unattractively-mannered.

    But Miz Zen Mast, a 26-year-old American makeup artist who is best known for her work in games such as Horizon Zero Dawn and the upcoming The Order 1886, is not one to get offended by the term.

    “I don’t have a problem with people having a negative view of women, I just like to talk about the positives,” she told Al Jazeera.

    “That is the one thing that’s different about me, I’m not trying to get people to have a negative experience.

    I just want to be able to talk to people.”

    Mizzen’s work in video games, which spans several genres including role-playing games and action-adventure titles, has taken her to the top of a social media world, and has been praised for the attention she has received in her own life.

    Her work has also earned her a following among gamers, with some even calling her the “Bitch Princess of gaming”, in reference to the female character from the video game series Final Fantasy.

    Her video game work is also seen as a source of inspiration for other women who have also turned to makeup.

    In an interview with Game Informer in May 2016, MizZen Mast described her personal experience with makeup as “the most challenging and challenging thing I’ve ever done”.

    “I have to really learn how to create my own, I have to learn how much I can actually control my own life,” she said.

    “For me, it’s just not about the makeup or the skin tone or how it looks, I want it to look good.”

    When I put makeup on, I try to be as natural as possible, but it’s a personal choice that I have.

    I have no problem with that.

    “Mozzen’s personal makeup line includes a range of products from the popular Face Mask line to the highly-stylish “Sugar Rush” makeup kit.”

    My favorite is the Sugar Rush, it is a new kind of blush, that has a sugar undertone,” she explained.”

    It is my favorite type of makeup because it is so versatile and it has a matte finish, it has just enough shine to make it stand out and it doesn’t look fake.

    “A lot of people ask me what I use for my makeup, it depends on what I’m doing, but I always use the most moisturising moisturiser, but that’s just because I have oily skin.”

    You can’t really control how much moisture you get, but you can definitely control the amount of makeup that you use.

    “MzZen Mast’s personal line also includes a “Sleeping Beauty” mask, which she described as “a bit of a breakthrough product” that “has been designed to be easy to apply, yet not be too greasy”.”

    It’s just a mask that’s perfect for someone who doesn’t like a lot of makeup.

    It’s not too greasy, it doesn´t leave a residue, it gives the skin a good cushion,” she continued.”

    And I just think that’s the best thing about the product.

    If you are like, I don’t need a lot.

    I can just use this one mask.

    And it is totally worth the price of admission.

    “Moss, who is also a fashion designer, said that she uses makeup to make her look more natural.”

    Sometimes I like to put on makeup to look like a model, but if I can’t look like that, I can put on lipstick, I put on a wig or a beard, but those things make me look like I am a bit more human,” she added.”

    If I am in the right mood, I will put on some makeup.

    I am not a model but I do have a sense of beauty, so I think it’s OK to wear makeup to be more confident and to make yourself more attractive.


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