With Philly’s famed pizza parlor in the midst of a three-day closure, a new way to eat the pizza is under development.

    Philadelphia’s pizza parlour is closed for a week after a fire tore through the building.

    The fire was extinguished by Sunday, but it remains a mystery why the restaurant closed down so quickly.

    One of the restaurant’s new owners, Phil Hahn, told ABC7 that the owners didn’t know what to do with the restaurant until they found out about the fire.

    Hahn said he was inspired by other Philadelphia pizza parliaments, such as La Maison de Paris, where customers can go through their dishes before ordering.

    He said he wanted to replicate that concept for Philadelphia’s restaurant.

    “When you go to a restaurant like that, you don’t really know what the person in charge is going to cook,” Hahn said.

    “There’s no real way to predict what the staff is going do.”‘

    It’s not really a problem’The owner of the newly opened Philly pizza parLorenzo Nogales, told NBC Philadelphia that the restaurant is not going to close because of the fire because it has been working for years.

    He says the restaurant will open up as usual on Wednesday.

    Nogales says he and his team are trying to get the restaurant back on track, but they will be able to only do so if they can raise $5 million in private donations.

    “We need your help, and if we can raise that money, we’ll be able reopen in the fall,” Nogals said.

    In addition to pizza, the restaurant has pizza, chicken wings, burgers, pasta, and other items.

    The restaurant is expected to reopen as normal in about two weeks.


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