New York City-based startup Relogo is launching a repast app that lets users customize their meals.

    “We’re bringing a repaste experience to our community, where you can choose a variety of foods, from fresh produce to the latest seasonal delicacies,” says cofounder and CEO Myron Beasley.

    “It’s like a grocery list where you get to pick and choose from a range of ingredients.”

    For example, you could choose a grilled cheese sandwich and add lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and pickles, and a salad with cucumber, red onion, cucumber and red bell peppers.

    You can also add some fresh fruits, veggies, and grains, such as carrots, red pepper, basil, green beans, and corn.

    “A meal is the best meal you could ever have, but you can make it better by having something different,” says Beasley, who recently worked at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    “We think this app will be a tremendous resource for communities of all sizes.”

    The company’s service is powered by an algorithm that matches recipes and ingredients to ingredients and the region.

    Users can also share recipes with friends via text or Facebook Messenger.

    Beasley says the app will launch in the United States this month and will expand to other countries.

    For more about Relogo, read our story here.

    Repast is based on the app Yummy.

    “What we love about Yummy is that it’s super-fast and super-easy to set up,” says the company’s chief marketing officer, Brian Cushing.

    “You can add any ingredient and just add it to whatever recipe you want.

    You get a taste of your own kitchen.

    The app is also very customizable.

    We think that is really important because it’s hard to know what’s the right recipe to make for a group.”

    Users can pick recipes from the Yummy app or use the Repast interface to select from dozens of pre-made meal options.

    Repasts also includes a variety in-app options.

    Users may choose to save the recipes for later, or they can create a personal meal plan.

    In-app meals can be consumed on-the-go or as part of a larger meal.

    The company plans to roll out more meal plans in the future.

    “For the past couple of years, we’ve been focusing on creating a really great experience for our users.

    So we’re really excited to bring that to the community,” says Cushing, who also founded Yummy in 2013.

    Repas will also include a grocery shopping experience, where users can search for the best fresh produce in their area and pick from a selection of fresh produce options.

    “The app is going to be incredibly customizable and really useful to our users,” Beasley adds.

    For a taste, we can give you a taste here, including a variety from the Repasts grocery menu.

    Repasta has received funding from the New York University School of Medicine and the Rockefeller Foundation.


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