Computers are a much more efficient way to consume food than a steak dinner, according to a new study.

    In the study, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, the University Of Texas at Austin and the University, the authors analyzed data from the Food and Drug Administration’s Food Quality Index and Foodservice Corporation of America’s Food Data Exchange and found that computers could consume as much as 11.5 servings per hour of food at a restaurant.

    The study was published online in the Journal of Food Protection.

    Computerized food systems were used to serve more than 3.4 million meals in restaurants in the U.S. last year, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    “The food quality index measures how well the food is cooked and prepared,” said senior author Robert T. Tappert, Ph.

    D., a professor of human nutrition at the University at Buffalo.

    “So when we’re talking about computerized food, we’re really talking about food that is done with computerized technology.”

    The study looked at the impact of computers on the food served by restaurants in four states, California, Texas, Georgia and Florida.

    The authors compared the health outcomes of people who were served a computerized meal versus a traditional steak dinner.

    The computerized system averaged 3.5 calories, while the traditional steak meal averaged 6.2 calories.

    The researchers also compared the overall health outcomes between the computers and steak meals, and found the computerized systems had lower rates of metabolic syndrome, obesity and type 2 diabetes, compared to the traditional steaks.

    For example, computerized meals contained fewer total calories, fewer saturated fat, fewer trans fats, fewer cholesterol, fewer sodium, less total fat, more fiber and less sugar, compared with steak dinners.

    The results of the study suggest that computers are more efficient at serving meals, according Tappet.

    The analysis also suggests that a computer can serve as a substitute for a steak or a hot dog, and can even be used to prepare a meal.

    “A computer can do a lot more than just serve a steak,” Tappot said.

    “It can also do things like check on the status of the food before serving it, cook the food, prepare it, and serve it.”

    For more information about this study and the findings, visit the website: The study results suggest that computerized foods can offer health benefits.

    “If you’re cooking and serving a meal using a computer, you can save money by using a handheld machine that doesn’t need a human hand,” TAppert said.

    Tapps research is part of the ongoing National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which includes data on the health of more than 9.5 million Americans.


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