Prince Harry, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cambridge, have been celebrating their ‘fursong’ meal at the Royal Palace’s famous restaurant, the Black Family, with their black friends.

    The Prince and Duchess of Sussex attended a dinner party hosted by the Black Families Association at the Palace of Westminster, where the two men shared a meal with their Black family members.

    Prince Harry and the Duke of Edinburgh, pictured in a photo taken with Prince Harry on May 12, 2016, will be celebrating the ‘furongs’ birthday on Saturday.

    The Prince and the Dauphin will also be joining forces with the Black family at a private event in London later on Saturday (May 19).

    Speaking at the event, the Duchess and the Prince said they were “delighted to be able to welcome Prince Harry back to our family”.

    Prince Harry said the “fursongs’ welcome” was an “extraordinary moment”.

    “We are truly honoured and excited to be celebrating Furongs birthday at the palace of Westminster with my family and friends,” he said.

    “We know that Prince Harry’s visit has brought out many memories and emotions for the many black people of this country, so I know it will bring many joys and a lot of excitement.”

    Prince Harry’s cousin Prince William, pictured at the Black People’s Repast in London on Saturday, will also celebrate Furongs Birthday at the venue on SaturdayThe Prince said the two would be “making an extra effort to help all the Black people of the UK and beyond”.

    “This is a special occasion for the entire Black community,” he added.

    “It is a privilege for us to celebrate Furong’s birthday with you, my cousin and my friend.”

    The Black Family Association has been very proud to host us at this special event and we hope that you will join us for a special evening at the Crown Estate, a venue that has been designed to be welcoming and inclusive of all members of the Black community.

    “Prince William and his wife Catherine and their sons Harry and Harry Jr are currently in New York on a business trip to promote the release of their new album ‘The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am A Star And It Is My World’, due to be released on May 25.


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