Posted October 17, 2018 06:07:33TODAY, October 17th, 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Dallas Repast Restaurant, which was a fixture at Dallas’ downtown business district and a fixture on many a Dallasan’s bucket list.

    In the meantime, Dallas residents and visitors will be treated to a repast-inspired experience at the funeral repasst restaurant, with a new menu and a new look.

    The new menu will be a collaboration between Dallas-based funeral repasters and the Dallas Museum of Art.

    The repasts menu will feature a traditional funeral repaste and a modern take on traditional, soul food.

    For example, the repast at the Dallas Tribune will feature the traditional traditional roast beef and sausage repast, while the repasts at the Texas Tribune will include a meat-and-vegetable repast with a more modern twist.

    The repast menu will also feature a new cocktail and beer pairing, and a selection of new cocktails, including one by Dallas barber Dave and the Barber, a collaboration with local barber Matt DeMarco of The B.E.C. Barbershop.

    In addition, the Dallas Restaurant & Food Festival will be bringing a repasts repast to its popular DART line, as will the Texas Theatre in Dallas, and the Texas Food & Wine Festival will also be bringing repasts to its line.

    The Dallas Tribune reported last month that the new repast will feature three dishes.

    The first dish, the traditional roast-meat repast (pictured above), will be made from scratch and will be served with beef or lamb, while a meat and vegetable repast on the other side will be grilled.

    The third dish, which will be offered at the Tribune’s repasts restaurant, will be traditional pork and chicken repast.

    The Tribune reported that a repasting bar will also open in the new remodeled funeral repass restaurant on October 19.

    The bar will serve traditional funeral meats such as beef, pork, chicken, or turkey.

    A wine and spirits bar will be in the same location at the repassts new location.

    For more information on the repasting repast and the Tribune repasts, visit

    Dallas Tribune is the official local news source for the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

    For more information about the Dallas Art Museum, visit

    Follow us on Twitter: @dtworld, @DallasArtMuseum, @dallasnews and @dmnfestival.


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