UFC Fight Nights are always a special night at the Bell Centre and this year was no exception.

    This night saw a full house for the event with fans lining up outside the venue to watch the main event. 

    The night started with the first fight of the night between champion Robbie Lawler and former title challenger Chad Mendes. 

    In the main, Lawler landed a series of brutal strikes on the Brazilian. 

    It was a quick opening bout with Lawler landing a left hook to the jaw that gave him the lead. 

    As Lawler attempted to escape, Mendes followed up with a brutal knee to the head and then a left to the body. 

    While the bout lasted a minute, the crowd started to get into it with chants of “Dang, Dang” coming from the crowd. 

    But the fight ended in a TKO as Mendes put the finishing punch on Lawler. 

    After the fight, the fight was over with Mendes in the lead and Lawler was given a one-year suspension. 

    This was the first time that a UFC FightNight had ever featured a championship fight and while it was a mixed martial arts event, the UFC did an incredible job of selling it. 

    Lawler was a big winner in his UFC debut, earning a knockout over the former title contender. 

    He now looks to fight again and will have a shot at a title shot against former champion Anderson Silva. 

    For more on UFC Fight night 78, check out our full event coverage.


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