New Year’s Day, as the new year draws closer, is a time for decorating and keeping things organized.

    So what should you do to keep things organized?

    For starters, you might want to add a little bit of space around your kitchen table.

    The tables at your home may have been made for dinner, but it may be time to put your favorite cooking tools, like a crockpot or pressure cooker, on the back of the refrigerator and add a few more tables on top of it.

    If you are a DIYer like me, you may want to try a small “potted plants” project.

    This is an old tradition that combines a small garden, with an outdoor pot, with some of the items in the garden to be placed in the pot.

    Some people have a tendency to add plants into pots and just leave them there, but this is not the way it should be done.

    A pot should be placed on a table or a wall to be visible, but not directly in front of the plants.

    If they are in the ground, then the plants should be on the other side of the pot, facing away from the pot so they can’t be seen.

    Another suggestion is to place your plants on top or behind a wall.

    This will prevent any dust or debris from accumulating, and also helps keep your plants from falling over.

    To add more detail to your decor, add a bit of decoration at the back or sides of your house.

    These can be small decorations, like little flower ornaments, or larger, colorful pieces.

    To make this project easier, add an extra decorative piece that is similar to the one you have.

    For instance, a flower can be placed at the bottom of a table, or on a wall, and it can also be placed above a wall so it’s visible from all sides.

    If your home is large enough, you can even decorate the outside of your home with some colorful pieces or a few flower bulbs.

    Make a little video to show how you can decorate your home.

    How to organize your home on New Year, January 1, 2019.


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