A death-row prisoner’s funeral in Florida was replete with comical jokes about the dead and the dying.

    Michael Kuebler, 63, died in March 2018.

    The cause of death was hanging.

    “This is going to be my last funeral,” he said at the funeral, which was held in the basement of the home he shared with his mother and four siblings.

    The funeral was also the first time in a decade Kueblers funeral home in the town of Fort Lauderdale hosted a funeral.

    “It’s one of the more comical things I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Kueler’s attorney, Jeff Hays.

    Hays said he was stunned by the way Kueberler was treated at the ceremony.

    “He’s a loving man, and you can’t even make fun of someone’s death.”

    The family said the funeral included a giant cake, which included a cartoon image of Kuebs head with a white heart.

    The family said they were disappointed in the service and that they planned to take legal action.

    “This has become a big family business, and the family has been paying for the funeral for decades,” Hays said.

    The funeral itself was also a joke.

    “It’s just not funny,” said Michael Kuebelter’s son, Alex.


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