With a busy summer season looming, Philadelpians should start planning for their own repast celebration.

    Here are some tips to get things started.


    Go big.

    The event could be held at your house, a restaurant, a bar or a restaurant patio.

    In a perfect world, the entire event should be a family affair with guests from all over the country.

    The more people there are, the bigger the crowd.

    It’s not the end of the world if your family is on the road, but a bigger crowd makes it easier to keep up with everyone else.


    Put your family in charge.

    If you have more than one family member, ask them to take turns serving pizza and to provide the decorations.


    Get creative.

    The idea for the event should include a theme that appeals to your family and friends.

    A party for a few of your friends might have a theme like “pizza night at a house,” for example.


    Decorate the place.

    Use bright, fun colors and fun art to make the party more memorable.

    The guests could also put up their own tables, chairs, umbrellas or other decorative items, which could add an extra element to the evening.


    Be flexible.

    Some repast restaurants can accommodate smaller gatherings, but it’s important to think of how many people you want to invite and how many guests you want in the party.

    For example, you might want to make sure your guests get the freshest pizza possible.


    Enjoy it all together.

    You can have a large event that’s just for the family and have a smaller party that is for everyone.

    If the family members can handle the large-scale party, they might prefer to invite a friend or family member to share some of the pie.


    Enjoy the night.

    Your guests might even want to share in some of your pizza-making efforts.

    If your guests want to go to the bar for some drinks, invite them to come to your house for a drink and a pie.


    Share the pie with your family.

    You might want the family to share a portion of the pizza, or you could make a separate pie for the whole family to enjoy together.


    Enjoy yourself.

    You should take the extra time to share your pie with the people in the restaurant who are helping make it happen.


    Share with your friends.

    Your family could also invite other friends and family members to join in on the fun.

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