The funeral repasts that can be made into the kind of dishes that would attract diners are being considered by the Government.

    Key points:”Funeral food may be eaten during the funeral or burial process and could include soups, sauces and stews”The Government is considering whether to include funeral repast in its food packaging regulationsThe Government will examine whether to exempt funeral repasting from the Food and Consumer Protection ActIf the Government decides to do so, it will require a registered funeral food service to make a list of ingredients, including meat, meat flavouring and preservatives, before it can be sold in supermarkets.

    A draft of the proposed regulations has been tabled by the Minister for Food and Rural Affairs, Alex Hawke, and will be sent to the Competition Tribunal for public comment.

    The draft regulations will require food businesses to keep detailed records of ingredients and packaging and would prohibit the use of “specialised” food products that have been modified to use “any special ingredient”.

    However, a spokesperson for the Minister said the Government would not be considering an exemption to the law.

    “We have the legislation, the regulations and the guidelines in place.

    That means that if there’s a particular ingredient in the food that may not meet our standards, it’s very difficult to remove that,” she said.

    The spokesperson said the Minister was consulting with the Food Industry Association (FIA), which is a registered body representing funeral food businesses.”FIA has been working closely with the Government on this issue for some time,” she added.

    “This is an important issue and we are fully committed to ensuring the best possible food safety practices are in place for the community.”

    If we decide to exempt a food service from the requirements of the Food Standards Code, it would be our intention to do it as quickly as possible.

    “In December last year, the Competition Commission recommended the Government amend the Food Safety and Standards Act to exempt food services from food labelling requirements.

    The Government had previously rejected that recommendation.

    The Fias said it was “surprised” the Government had decided to take a “radical” step to overhaul the Food Labelling and Labelling Guidelines.”

    The current regulations do not allow a service provider to exempt themselves from the food labeling requirements,” the organisation said in a statement.”

    That means that when food is packaged, it is the consumer’s responsibility to check it and check the ingredients.

    “The industry association also said the Food Business Council of Australia was also calling for a rethink of the rules.”

    It is our view that the current food safety and labelling guidelines have been in place too long and should be amended to allow for the voluntary disclosure of all of the ingredients in food products,” the group said.

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